Ener-Chi a survival story by maRia Bodmann


This contemporary shadow play, created for the prestigious 2010
grant, explores the on-going demands placed on cancer patients.


The story depicts by the health care system's intense rigamarole:
from first symptoms through batteries of tests, to eventual diagnosis,
treatments and surgery; and if you're very lucky, life after cancer.


Ener-Chi is a dramatic departure from maRia's traditional Balinese
style Wayang Kulit Shadow Play. As solo performer maRia
manipulates the figures while telling the story, interpreting characters
and voices for each. Her right foot operates a voice effects box and produces sound effects to punctuate speech and movement. Things
that are impossible in real life can happen in shadow adding to the wonderment of this unusual artform.


The production retains essential elements of the ancient art of Wayang Kulit, for example: a stretched linen screen, the intricate stylized carving of newly designed shadow figures, live musical accompaniment provided by Cliff DeArment, and a warm, festive context. The environment is blessed and enhanced with appropriate decorations, incense, flowers, fruit, and sweets.


Ener-Chi can be performed in a variety of venues, both indoor and out, and can be presented in a traditional Western proscenium setting or in the round, in which case, the audience can be encouraged to view both sides of the screen and enjoy the play from different angles. Visit the Photo Album to see more images from the performance.

Enerchi BackScreen

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