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Gamelan Music:

Bali & Beyond

Shadow Theater:

Bali & Beyond
Alice in the Shadows
Shadow Residency

You Tube Videos:

Gender Wayang Sulendra a la Wayan Sarga + Maria
Gamelan Music
Shadows of Bali - 1
Shadows of Bali - 2
Alice in the Shadows
Art & Craft of Shadow Theater

Kecak (Monkey Chant) CSSSA 2010
Gong Suling (Flute Ens) CSSSA 2010
Gamelan Batel CSSSA 2010

Maria Bodmann Bali Interview 1
Maria Bodmann Interview 2

Shadow Theater Photo

EnerChi a new shadow play funded through a COLA 2010 grant
City of Los AngelesDepartment of Cultural Affairs

Alice in the Shadows - Photos

Shadow Anthropology by Rick Mitchell
Images of Singapore - Sentosa Island
Royal Coronation Characters

James and the Giant Peach:
Character Sketches

Inconvenient Attraction

Maria's Way Kul Shoppes

maRia Bodmann Resume
maRia Bodmann Detailed Bio
Bali & Beyond Description / Bio

Art & Craft of Shadow Theater Description


Morris Dance Photo Albums

Dancing Up The Sun - May 1, 2011
An Ale of Two Cities 2011

maRia's Travel Photo Albums

Japan 2008
Bali Album 1
Bali Album 2
New York City 2007
Thailand 2007

CycLAvia April 2012 Photo Album

Favorite Links

Rising Phoenix Morris Dancers
Qi and Light Healing Center
WeSPARK Cancer Support Center
Cliff's Webpage
Rustic Canyon Ranch




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